• David Lee Mayfield

    Valerie Mayfield

    Bill Monroe in front of his bus, which is now our bus

    A 1956 flex  when we bought the bus in Ohio, we did not know anything about it's history until we

    drove it to Nashville.... there James Monroe "Bill Monroe's son" said yes that was my daddy's bus,, he had it

    for 10 years, and it was his favorite he nicknamed it "The Bluegrass Breakdown"  . Years later Peter Rowan, came to our home to look at the old bus, as Peter stepped up on the bus, he took hold of the steering wheel and said oh my do I remember the first time I drove this old bus... we have a ton of stories from other musicians documenting their adventures on the old bus... we would love to find the perfect resting place for this treasure so all could come and take a look at Bill Monroe's bus..... Peter told me that they wrote "The Walls of Time" leaning up against this old bus while they were broke down in Kentucky!

    David and Val with some very nice fans at The Beachland Ballroom

    Guitar player Joe, and David and Valerie Mayfield and Jim Avett